Charities & Trusts

Be inclusive & reach everyone. We provide unique workouts to specialist sectors such as Audios, seated Dance, seated Yoga, seated Pilates & fitness & workouts with captions.

Improve your opportunity to be inclusive with our diverse choice for those within:

  • The disability community
  • Those with Special Educational Needs
  • Seniors - Healthy ageing and low impact programs
  • Those with Long Term Health Conditions
  • The Visually impaired/Blind
  • The Deaf community & Hard of hearing
  • School children, teens & young people.

 Synergy also uniquely offers a mainstream digital option.

Our products offer the ability to connect with a wider community via Apps, Live streams, Digital bundles and website platforms.

The size of this opportunity cannot be underestimated and as it stands today - there are 14.1 million in the disability community alone. This offers a huge opportunity to grow your membership base and to target those with barriers to exercise. We are moving to get more people active. 

Synergy Active online programmes provide a wide range of Physical, Mental Health & Social benefits such as improved fitness, confidence, overall mobility, being included and belonging, wellness and focus, improved posture, physical & motor skills, spatial awareness, balance, coordination and flexibility. Our standing and seated programmes, high impact and low impact lessons, audios and captioned workouts offer a unique choice of activities designed to reach everyone.

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