Medical: GP & Health Referrals

Our workouts help to support referrals from GP's and the NHS - from our online Rehab & Return to Fitness courses designed for referrals & LTHC's to our diverse range of workouts for those within:

  • The disability community
  • Those with Special Educational Needs
  • Seniors - Healthy ageing and low impact programs
  • Those with Long Term Health Conditions
  • The Visually impaired/Blind
  • The Deaf community & Hard of hearing
  • School children, teens & young people. 

Synergy also uniquely offers a mainstream digital option 

Our products offer the ability to connect with a wider community via Apps, Live streams, Digital bundles and website platforms.

The size of this opportunity cannot be underestimated and as it stands today - there are 14.1 million in the disability community alone. 

This offers an opportunity to build positive medical referrals and to target those experiencing barriers to exercise, to build new healthy habits to suit their range of potential movement and lifestyle. We are moving to get more people active. 

Synergy Active online programmes provide a wide range of Physical, Mental Health & Social benefits such as improved fitness, confidence, overall mobility, being included and belonging, wellness and focus, improved posture, physical & motor skills, spatial awareness, balance, coordination and flexibility. Our standing and seated programmes, high impact and low impact lessons, audios and captioned workouts offer a unique choice of activities designed to reach everyone.

GP & Health Referrals - promotional video